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Welcome to our Staff Page

To send an e-mail, just click onto the envelope next to the staff member's name.  On some ocassions, e-mails may not get through to the recipient.  If you do not hear back within 24 hours, please call the school.  Thank you!


Contact Deztini Clark  Deztini Clark Teacher
Contact Julie Upshaw  Julie Upshaw Teacher
Contact Kristen VanKouwenberg  Kristen VanKouwenberg Teacher
Contact Michelle Wayson  Michelle Wayson Teacher
First Grade
Contact Nicole Blanchette  Nicole Blanchette Teacher
Contact Cyndi Simpson  Cyndi Simpson Teacher
Contact Debbie Singley  Debbie Singley Teacher
Contact Amanda Teran  Amanda Teran Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Lauri Harrison  Lauri Harrison Teacher
Contact Jennifer Kilpatrick  Jennifer Kilpatrick Teacher
Contact Annette Reed  Annette Reed Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Michele Andrade  Michele Andrade Teacher
Contact Susan Hohn  Susan Hohn Teacher
Contact Jeff Olson  Jeff Olson Teacher
Contact Jessica Uy  Jessica Uy Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Paula Asinas  Paula Asinas Teacher
Contact Kathy Thomas  Kathy Thomas Teacher
Contact Loretta Wolfinbarger  Loretta Wolfinbarger Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Erik Dahl  Erik Dahl Teacher
Contact Morgan Goodman  Morgan Goodman Teacher
Contact Jennifer Maclin  Jennifer Maclin Teacher
Sixth Grade
Contact Kathy Fulton  Kathy Fulton Teacher
Contact Ken Knox  Ken Knox Teacher
Contact Kimberly Walters  Kimberly Walters Teacher
4-6 Grade
Contact Katherine Long  Katherine Long Teacher
Educational Specialists
Contact Laura Olsen  Laura Olsen Education Specialist
Contact Gina Roby-Unkovich  Gina Roby-Unkovich Educational Specialist
Contact Vanessa Rossi  Vanessa Rossi Speech Therapist
Contact Jennifer Wolfrom  Jennifer Wolfrom School Psychologist
Office Staff
Contact Michele Reeves  Michele Reeves (909) 398-0305 ex: 68003 Attendance Clerk
Contact Regina Spaulding  Regina Spaulding Nurse
Contact Nancy Stamm  Nancy Stamm Office Manager
Computer Lab
Contact Maria Rivasplata  Maria Rivasplata Computer Instruction Technician
Day Care Center
Contact Candice Potter  Candice Potter Day Care Center Manager
Contact Arlene Casey  Arlene Casey Cafeteria Manager
Contact Matt Plumb  Matt Plumb Custodian