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Welcome to Chaparral's PFA

 Dear Families of Chaparral Elementary School,

On behalf of the PFA, we would like to welcome all our new families and students to Chaparral

Elementary. To our returning families and students, welcome back! We would also like to extend a

warm welcome to our new Principle, Mrs. O’Connor and all the new teachers/faculty that have joined

us this year! We hope everyone had a fun and safe summer.

PFA, stands for Parent Faculty association, it is about men and women working together toward a

common goal. That goal is creating a better school and a better educational experience for our

children. We strive to create an atmosphere where teachers and administrators can do their best

work—and so can our children.

Our primary objective as PFA is to provide our schools with funds, programs, resources and services

that will enrich and maximize the education of every child. To meet this important objective, and

to afford services that are no longer covered by our school budgets, we must fundraise.

Chaparral has three major fundraisers:

•  Show of Support (SOS) kicks off at the start of the new school year.

•  Dinner/Auction in October.

•  Spell-a-Thon, kicking off in January.

These fundraisers help to support our field trips, assemblies, computer program, art, music and

much, much more. These three fundraisers help lessen the need for smaller fundraisers. Other

fundraisers that occur throughout the year help benefit our 5th and 6th grade classes. Each class

has the opportunity to attend an overnight camp, AstroCamp for the 5th graders and Science Camp

for the 6th graders. These camps are only possible because of parent participation.

We invite you to join us to our first PFA meeting Tuesday, September 4th in the Music Room at

6:30 PM . We look forward to meeting you!

On behalf of the Chaparral PFA, we would once again like to extend warm welcome and best wishes

for a successful school year! Please contact us with any questions or concerns and do not forget to

follow Chaparral Social Page  on Facebook or Instagram for announcement and reminders.

All the best,

Katie Lak

PFA President


 • Tuesday, September 4th – 6:30pm

 • Tuesday, October 2nd – 8:05am

 • Tuesday, November 6th – 6:30pm

 • Tuesday, December 4th – 8:05am

 • Tuesday, January 8th – 6:30pm

 • Tuesday, February 5th – 8:05am

 • Tuesday, March 5th – 6:30pm

 • Tuesday, April 9th – 2:45pm Budget Meeting

 • Tuesday, May 7th – 8:05am

 • Tuesday, June 4th – 6:30pm Installation Dinner

PFA Board

 President: Katie Lak

1st  Vice President: Emily Gates

2nd  Vice President: Melinda Warren

3rd  Vice President: Tara Sanchez

4th  Vice President: Stephanie Redcher & Mikaela Ayala

Secretary: Tori Carrillo

Treasure: Ivana Garcia

Parliamentarian: Wendy Hughes

PFA Minutes